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Racing for Safety
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General FAQs

Question 1: Should we have bike helmets available to buy or borrow at our Race for Safety course and where can we get them?

Answer: Every child who participates in a Race for Safety course must wear a helmet so bike helmets must be available. Here are several options to consider to make bike helmets available:

Question 2: Why have a Race for Safety course?

Answer: Your Race for Safety course may be the only safety training kids ever receive. Your group may want to consider offering Race for Safety courses throughout the year and at different places to attract widespread participation from kids of all ages and abilities. Remember: A Race for Safety course is unique in that it is for all kids, including kids with disabilities or health care needs, to come together in one place to learn about and practice how to be safe on wheels of any kind, including bikes, wheelchairs, scooters, or skateboards.

Question 3: How do we "market" the idea of a Race for Safety course for children?

Answer: Here are some strategies to consider for marketing a Race for Safety course: