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Bike FAQs

Question 1: How do I know if a bike fits a child properly?

Answer: A typically developing child should be able to stand flat-footed while straddling the bicycle. An appropriate bike is one that allows a child of any ability to operate it properly, fit comfortably, and remain in control at all times. A child with disabilities should be able to sit comfortably on the bike seat, be properly supported at the trunk and neck, and move the bike forward and bring the bike to a stop using either his feet or hands.

Question 2: Should we have adapted bikes and conventional bikes available for children who do not bring a bike?

Answer: This may be possible in some situations. For example, a bike or retail store may want to showcase some of their bikes and may be willing to help by loaning bikes for use at your event. Be sure to acknowledge their support. A school physical education department or special education office may have adapted bikes that could be borrowed. Or, you may want to contact local distributors of adapted bikes to see if they can allow you to borrow an adapted bike for use at your course. Visit Riley Hospital's listing of adapted bike manufacturers to help get you started by clicking here.

These opportunities may help parents of children who cannot use a regular bike become aware of alternatives. Parents may want to talk with an occupational therapist or adapted equipment specialist to see if something similar could be ordered for their child. If adapted bikes cannot be obtained, children can still benefit from learning the rules of the road whether they maneuver their wheelchair through the course or walk through the course.

Question 3: Where can I find more information on adapted bikes to share at our Race for Safety course?

Answer: The listing of information below is only a partial listing and intended to serve as a starting point for research and contact. Additional resources can be found in the Adapted Bike Resources file on the Downloads page.

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